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How long does it take to build a gunite swimming pool?

How long does it take to build a gunite swimming pool? If you have been planning to build a new swimming pool we know there are about 2 important questions in your mind: “How long does it take, and how much does it cost?” The 2 most common questions we are asked as professional pool […]

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Can a gunite swimming pool be installed above ground?

Gunite Pools Above ground Montgomery County TX Since gunite offers the maximum strength that can currently be found in the swimming pool construction industry, these materials allow for a more “elevated” level of custom pool design options. So the short answer is yes, you can install a gunite pool that is mostly out of ground. […]

How weather delays effect swimming pool construction in Texas

How does a rainy day delay my pool construction project schedule?

Building a Gunite Pool in the Rain? We all know how the rainy days can effect our lives and it’s no less bothersome especially for a Montgomery County Texas pool company. Working outdoors puts you at the mercy of the elements and weather, and building a new pool is no different. Rainy days are certainly a […]

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How big of a pool can I install in my small backyard?

How much pool can fit into my small backyard? This is a very common question that we are asked when a new client approaches us to build a custom gunite swimming pool. Usually, this question is asked by homeowners who have a small yard or think there might not be much room to install a […]

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Does my location matter if I want to build a gunite pool?

You can install a gunite swimming pool in almost any location. The versatility of design and ability to conform to any shape imaginable makes the gunite swimming pool construction method among the most popular choice for homeowners who have limited space, or challenging location requirements. With careful engineering and quality construction methods it does not […]

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Pool Design Features Customization Tool

Design the Custom Pool of Your Dreams Some pool lovers have artistic talent, and then there’s the rest of us… Luckily we make it super easy to choose the options that are best for your pool design. There is so much that is involved with designing a swimming pool that will compliment everything including the […]

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How to Get Financing for Pool Project

New Pool Construction Financing Many pool owners will pay for their in-ground swimming pool project in different ways but the majority of new pool owners tend to seek financing of the pool cost. Swimming Pool Construction Loans When dealing with financial institutions, and just like most loan programs there are 2 pool loan options – secured and unsecured swimming […]