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Swimming Pool Construction Terms

Pool Construction Terms

If you have never owned a swimming pool; builders may speak a language that you do not understand yet! Many of our clients are brand new pool owners and mention that they do not know all all of the terminology that pool contractors use to describe and calculate the swimming pool design. This article will help you learn exactly what we mean when referring to the technical specs.


The swimming pool “beam” is an important part of the structure. This part of the pool is located at the top and traces the perimeter shape and will help identify the perimeter measurement of the pool structure. Usually this is where the decorative stone edge is installed just above the tile inside the pool.


The material that sits on top of the pool “beam” and follows the shape above the waterline tiles is called “coping”. The edge of the pool before water starts. Concrete decking will butt up to the backside of this material with a “control joint”. You have your choice from brick, flagstone, or travertine included.


The measurement of the pool beam, as in tracing the shape of the pool. Also referred to as the “pool beam”. The image below is just a general guide to the terminology. The pool perimeter is especially important in free-form shape pools when calculating the interior surface area.


Specs for rebar are standard at 10″ “o/c” which stands for “on center” making a 10″ x 10″ square. We supersede this standard spec by using more steel at 8″ o/c. So, we install a tight rebar steel cage. The “boxed beam” supersedes standards by including 4 of the 5/8″ steel bars in a continuous loop inside the pool beam.


Is a form of concrete that can be “shot” through a high pressure hose, applied at a high velocity our gunite cures up to 4000psi over time after hardening. Gunite applicators MUST be certified to ensure our lifetime warranty. PSI refers to the curing strength of concrete, how much psi must be required before it cracks.

Surface Area

This term refers to the square footage of area of water only inside the pool. As a 2d top down representation this is the footprint of the pool which can be understood as the size of pool, or how much space in the yard the pool will take up.

Pool Interior

The interior of a gunite pool must be sealed with a quality finish before it will hold any water or be visibly appealing. The pool interior, surface is a material that bonds to the gunite shell and keeps the pool water from leaking, but is also has a very nice appeal to the overall look and feel of the pool. There are all kinds of crazy additives and prices but we have you in 40% quartz blend, with optional blue flakes on a white base with a 7 yr warranty.


Pool decking can be done in many ways; concrete, textured concrete, pavers, wood/trex, or tile. The area surrounding the perimeter of the pool is considered decking which can be 4″ thick concrete, to include footing and piers as needed along the edges to keep from cracking or separation.


After all of the above mentioned Coping & Decking are installed and after some time the material known as “Mastic” will seal the pool perimeter control joint. An exposed flexible type sealant with a decorative finish will ensure that water from the pool or rain will not leak into the control joint gap.

Main Trench

This is where all of the pool plumbing pipes merge together varying between 9 – 14 total pipes. The main trench will go to the pool equipment and each pipe into it’s respective connection.

Filtration Pump

The filtration pump is the main pool (or spa) pump that pushes water through the system and pool equipment. For pool+spa combinations the equipment will be shared. We offer several solutions for the right pool filtration pump from single speed, 2-speed, and variable speed models. This is the pump that will come on each day and help keep the pool clear.

Control Center

Your pool equipment devices must be controlled by some device capable of reoccurring timers/schedules/run-times. We have several solutions ranging from standard analog timers to full digital automation with WIFI capabilities. Each of our digital pool controllers include the ability to control devices, set schedules, control lighting, and some models come equipped with wireless remotes and other advanced features.

Pool Cleaner

Our pools come complete with automatic poll cleaners. These are robotic type pressure-side cleaners that will catch leaves, dirt, pine needles/cones, gumballs and all the sorts of things that drop to the bottom of the pool. We install the Polaris 280/380 automatic pressure side pool cleaners into our pools. Better than any AquaBot or Dolphin brand cleaners period!

Pool Filter

Filtration is one of the key components to having a crystal clear pool. Our cartridge filters can catch debris so small in the pool water that you cannot see with your eyes! On a pool+spa combination the filter is shared between the pool and spa depending on what mode it is in. Our pools are filtered with Hayward Swim Clear cartridge with 4 elements that should only require cleaning about every 6 months.

Sanitation (Chlorine)

The means in which you will keep the pool water sanitary. Chlorine fights against bacteria in the pool water. We offer several options for keeping your pool sanitary and safe; Chlorine Tablets, Salt Chlorine Generators, UV & o3 chlorine generators to suite your preference. Some options like chlorine tablets might be irritating to some swimmers, so you know we will have the right chlorine solution for your pool.

Minimum Pool Specs

(This information should also be listed within your 6-page construction quote)

• Shape = Free form, aka custom or Geometric
• Length = Total length of pool interior at the longest point.
• Width = Total width of pool interior at the widest point.
• Surface Area = The “footprint” of pool in square feet.
• Perimeter = Trace the shape of the top level pool beam.
• Min Depth = The shallowest point of the pool.
• Max Depth = Deepest point of pool.
• Gallons = How much water the pool holds; volume.

• Decking Material = The finish material for pool decking or concrete.
• Decking Square Footage = Total amount of concrete decking in square feet.
• Decking Steps = as needed per design
• Footing, piers as needed to reinforce against shifting

  • Gunite & Rebar: Specifications

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Clients who have chosen to upgrade their pool interior surface to any of the available lines of material have been fully satisfied with the results, and so have we. Your Pool Builder of Texas is proud to keep striving at providing the very best for our inground pool construction clients near Montgomery, TX while keeping prices well within fair ranges.

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Custom Pool Construction Checklist

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Fundamental Steps before purchasing your new swimming pool in Montgomery County.

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Swimming Pool Installation Checklist

It’s an exciting time for the family, and everyone is excited to get wet and make a splash, the kids are dreaming of what games they will play, and you’re thinking about what cool parties you can host with your friends all around the new family pool right in your own backyard. So before we go running to the pool to jump right in, let’s relax just a bit and make sure we are counting our steps to swimming pool construction success.

Property Requirements

Custom inground gunite pools around Montgomery County TX  can be created to compliment just about any shape of backyard, so long as the easement and set back lines are not extremely close, and in certain cases it is found that a pool just may not work, but these are very rare. To build a pool in Texas, you must be the owner of the property and home. Consider any elevation changes in your backyard, specific to water drainage purposes, as these will have to be mitigated throughout the pool construction process. Make sure that your new pool is not prone to flooding! In many cases our clients will have outside pets, usually dogs. When considering to install a new pool you will want to make sure that your outside pets still have enough room to run and play, and use the bathroom without causing it to be overly complicated. You will also need to think about the access to your property, how will the heavy machinery enter the backyard? Usually one side or the other of your fenced property will suit the 90″ requirement of most excavation equipment. In some rare cases we have been required to enter onto the neighbors property line to enter the client backyard. Talk to your neighbors and let them know of your intentions to build a new pool, they will appreciate your advance notice and may even allow you to use a portion of their property, so long as we clean it all up!

HOA / POA Requirements

The next stage to gathering accurate information about building a pool in the neighborhood that you live in will be at your HOA office, to those that it applies. In today’s world of tract homes and subdivided neighborhoods that are master planned, you will need to check first with the neighborhood architectural committee to see if there are any special requirements or procedures for installing a new swimming pool. Most HOA rules and deed restrictions are going to be fairly simple and similar, however, we have found only a handful that require more than the typical HOA, and we can help you. Make sure to get all of the details that you can including MUD deposits and/or water rate changes that might affect your ongoing budget after the pool is completed. Most HOAs will provide a package of information that you can review with us. On the other hand if you own private property with land, you can go as mild or as wild as you want without any direct oversight of your neighborhood! We will build your pool to the same specifications as if it were inside of the city limits, so that you can count on top level quality custom pool construction no matter where you live!

City Permitting Requirements

In many cases, the HOA will not approve a request to build a new pool unless it has been reviewed and approved by the local city municipal permitting or zoning board. So if you live inside the city limits, this will most likely be your very next stop. Make a phone call to the permitting office to get some general information, most of which you will probably be able to find online at their website. We take a personalized approach to getting your pool project off the ground, which includes taking care of the headaches such as City Permitting for you. It’s all part of our job to make it easy for you to get that pool!

Planning & Design

Now that you have been through the bureaucratic governmental hula-hoop just to get the approval to build a new pool, it is time to sit down and consider the very start of the project, the BUDGET and DESIGN. Since our dreams can run wild and they don’t always match our budgets, this is when it’s time to call us in for a free in-home consultation. We are here to help you discover the possibilities and customization features that you can include with your pool based on the budget you have to work with. Many of our clients need to make the decision to either finance the pool or pay cash. No matter what your budget is, with pools starting at around $30,000.00 we can get you swimming!

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Your Pool Builder of Texas is a swimming pool contractor in Montgomery County Texas providing quality built custom pools in and near Conroe TX Montgomery TX The Woodlands TX and Huntsville TX, we are here to help the pool owner make sound pool purchasing decisions, and follow through with the absolute top level construction practices. To learn even more about the swimming pool construction process.