Step 3 – Select Final Details

Selections for Hardscape, Interior Surface, and Environmental Elements.

Design Progress:

Your are designing: [multiform "PoolSize"] Size, [multiform "PoolShape"] Shape, [multiform "PoolType"] with [multiform "EquipmentType"] Equipment Selections and [multiform "DesignFeatures"] design features with [multiform "FeatureUpgrades"] featurproject add-ons.

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Hardscape Selection Options:

Select the type of decking for your pool.
(Select one)

Natural Stone Pavers

The most elegant look with quality durable stones honed to perfection.

Concrete Stamp Pattern

Integral colored and stamped / sealed concrete patterns.

Concrete Textured

Spray-Deck / Cool-Deck is a lasting random textured overlay system.

Turf Grass

Understating effects with maintenance-free grass right to the pool edge.

Concrete Gravel

Exposed aggregate pebble finished concrete, "Pea Gravel".

Pool Interior Selection Options:

Select the type of interior pool finish.
(Select one)

40% White Quartz - Standard

The industry standard white pool plaster. Every pool must start with this option but can be upgraded with options below.

100% Quartz Colored

Long lasting high performance quartz.

Pebble-Sheen Colored

Incredibly strong and long lasting smooth miniature pebble finish.

Glass-Bead Colored

Top of the line specialized smooth glass bead.

Landscaping & Backyard Theme Options:

Select the landscaping theme you would like to have.
(Select one)


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