How long does it take to build a gunite swimming pool?

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How long does it take to build a gunite swimming pool?

If you have been planning to build a new swimming pool we know there are about 2 important questions in your mind:

“How long does it take, and how much does it cost?”

The 2 most common questions we are asked as professional pool builders in Montgomery TX. We are writing this short article with that in mind to answer how long it will realistically take to build your new gunite swimming pool. We will talk about pool prices in another post here: Pool & Spa Pricing Guide

Swimming Pool Construction Schedule

Montgomery County TX pool builders 77356 77316 77304 77302

As you know, weather will play a factor in keeping the schedule results the same, and in some cases can delay the schedule depending on the conditions rain might effect the pool project work site. We have covered how rain could possibly effect the schedule of swimming pool construction ->

With that in mind, you can realistically expect a gunite swimming pool construction project to take approximately 6 to 12 weeks to fully complete. If rainy weather delays are expected, the schedule could potentially be modified to work around the weather conditions.

Stages of a swimming pool installation project

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Phase 1

Stage one involves the excavation of the pool, the rebar steel installed and the stubout plumbing completed to be ready to apply the gunite material. Did you know that the proper curing time for gunite prior to installing materials like tile and coping is an additional 3 – 7 days using the water curing method?

  • Excavation
  • Rebar
  • Stubout Plumbing
  • Site Prep (as needed)
  • Gunite Application

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Phase 2

Stage two consists of the combined efforts of several teams, the clean-up, plumbing installation, and the tile & coping installation which all must be ready before installing the decking / hardscape. From start to finish of this stage (depending on the scope, details and materials) it may take 2 to 4 weeks to fully complete.

  • Plumbing
  • Tile and Coping
  • Site Prep (as needed)
  • Decking

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Phase 3

Finally we get to phase 3, which is comprised of installing the plaster interior material, filling the pool in a proper manner, and the careful startup and initial chemical adjustments should all be ready prior to providing you with a detailed instructional training of your new pool.

  • Final Clean-Up
  • Interior Plaster
  • Fill & Start-Up
  • Instructional Training

Well if you’ve read this far we know you’re interested! We hope this provides you with some insight into what a swimming pool construction schedule would look like, and so that you can better plan your pool project around your life.

Quality Pools | Affordable Prices

Thank you for reading! We want to provide information that is valuable to you and that will help you in making your swimming pool purchasing decision. Your Pool Builder of Texas specializes in quality construction and remodeling of swimming pools and spas in Texas including Montgomery TX 77356, Conroe TX 77304, Magnolia TX 77354, Spring TX 77386, Huntsville TX 77340.

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