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How many pool builders should I interview before choosing one?

Montgomery County, TX

How many pool builders should I meet with in my local area?

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We are not asked this question very often directly and most people would not ask a “pool builder” this but it is a question that arises for some Montgomery County homeowners and that is – “before knowing that I can create a baseline and average of the cost to build a pool, the available features, special customized design features how many local pool builders should I meet with?”

This is part of the qualifying process and thought process of buying a new pool, don’t worry it’s not a dumb question. Let us help you sift through the noise of whats out there, and help put together this swimming pool construction puzzle. Before picking up the phone book (if you still use that old thing), checking online, or asking around let’s take this topic right from the start.

What type of pool do you want to build?

custom inground gunite swimming pool design and construction Montgomery County TX

In our case we prefer the supreme durability and longevity of inground gunite swimming pools, also known as concrete pools. Gunite swimming pools have endless opportunities for design, size, shape and depth you can just imagine the possibilities of creating any pool shape you can dream of. However, there are obviously alternative swimming pool structures offered for those with a different budget such as vinyl liner pools and fiberglass pools.

The later mentioned types of pools do not posses near the same amount of design customization features, shapes, and available upgraded pool equipment options, and not to mention they usually will not include a lifetime warranty. This is why we strongly suggest building a swimming pool in Montgomery County Texas with gunite material.

Stick to your comfort level.

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We could have made this article REAL short and just said – “well to make an average all you need is 3!” but we have a mild obsession for details, so we like to be a little extra informative. After-all we are working together to create a functional and visually pleasing backyard retreat for your whole family, and possibly even families thereafter! 

How do you know when to stop and determine that you have enough research and information to narrow down your choices in swimming pool contractors? The blunt truth is that we can not answer this for you, this will have to be based on your own personal comfort levels, and the means of getting the questions you have answered accurately and timely. 

Is there a magic number?

Ultimately there is no specific number of pool builders you must call to get all of the information that you are looking for, you would need at least 3 to make an apples to apples comparison and average out the total cost of an inground gunite swimming pool in Montgomery County TX. Rely on your own comfort levels and do not be afraid to ask questions to better understand the pool construction process and that also includes pool pricing information. 

Look for a pool builder who is transparent with details about the design, construction, pricing, funding options, the process, and caring for your pool after completion. 

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