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How soon can we swim after our pool is complete?

How soon can I swim?

Swimming pool construction questions from Montgomery County Homeowners

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When the pool is nearing completion and the kids are jumping around bouncing off the walls saying “can we swim yet??” we all want to know how soon after the pool fills with water and has started up we can get reprieve from anxious kiddos and relax by the new pool. 

Swimming Pool Construction Process

Understanding the process of building a pool is extremely valuable in figuring out how to plan the project around your life. We have a section of our website you can discover more about the overall construction timeline and the specific details about each stage of the project > here 

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When it’s time to fill up the pool we are asked many new questions and that is why we have developed our own “Pool School” that will be the training course specific to your pool and your pool only. At this stage of the pool project it is crucial that we perform our start-up procedure without the interference of any bathers in the pool.

The pool will need special tasks performed to the plaster surface to properly cure for the best overall results of color and exposure, as well as to help aide in starting off with a smooth surface.

This procedure can take anywhere from 1 week (basic plaster surfaces) to 30 days (upgraded or colored finishes). Don’t worry you will not have to wait an entire month to swim in your new pool, although it may be a bit inviting for the first week.

One week after completion

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After the initial brushing curing and filtration along with the chemical adjustments which we will continue monitoring, you can have at it, do a cannon ball and have fun! The first week of starting up a new inground gunite pool around Conroe, TX is the most critical time for making sure the interior surface of your pool is exactly what you desired.

We hope this has answered a swimming pool related question that you have in mind when considering a new pool if you live near Montgomery TX. During the construction process of a new swimming pool we are asked so many good questions by our clients that we want to bring all of those helpful answers to others around and near Montgomery County TX! Our mission is to provide quality swimming pools and spas at affordable prices.

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