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Base Package

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The Base Package is a great starting option for those who want just a simple pool or pool and spa. The Base Package is packed with upgraded features and accessories at a very reasonable price which can also be upgraded individually. These entry level pool installation packages start at just $29,999.00.

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Eco-Select Package

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The Select Package offers more upgrades to the already competitive Base Package. With the inclusion of energy efficient pool equipment and upgraded interior surface materials along with a few extras like the option for a salt water system and LED lighting! Select Pool & Spa Combos starting at $34,999.00.

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We offer starting packages of both a pool only & pool + spa combination in both a “Base Package” & “Eco Select Package”. Either of our starting packages are meant to get you swimming at a reasonable price. Upgrade or add to any of the packages to get the results you want. Each package comes with a fully customized and scaled 3D pool design.
  • Pool only starts at $30,000
  • Pool & Spa starts at $40,000
The Eco-Select package offers a few extra upgrades to the Base, including the pool interior, the control system, LED lighting, salt system option, and textured concrete decking.
  • Pool Only starts at $35,000
  • Pool & Spa starts at $45,000
With either of these your pool starts with the following and more:
  • 80′ Perimeter pool shape
  • Depth up to 7′
  • Your choice of flagstone, travertine, or brick coping
  • Digital control system with wireless remote
  • Automatic pool cleaner
  • 400 SF of concrete decking

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See Pricing Chart Below for Details

Base PackageWhat’s IncludedEco-Select Package
Pool Only
Pool & Spa Combination
Design Details
Perimeter = 80 Linear FT
Shape = Free-Form or Geometric
Max Depth = 7 FT
Pool Only
Pool & Spa Combination
Equipment Details
Super II 2 HP Single Speed
(3 Year Warranty)
Main Filtration PumpTriStar Variable Speed Pump
(3 Year Warranty)
E-Command Center
(3 Year Warranty)
Digital Control SystemOmniLogic 4 Automation Center
(3 Year Warranty)
Spa-Side Remote (Waterproof)
(3 Year Warranty)
Wireless Remote & AntennaSmartphone or Tablet
Booster Pump 60 Cycle
(3 Year Warranty)
Pool Cleaner PumpBooster Pump 60 Cycle
(3 Year Warranty)
SwimClear Cartridge Filter
(3 Year Warranty)
Main Pool / Spa FilterSwimClear Cartridge Filter
(3 Year Warranty)
Rainbow 320 Tablet Feeder
(1 Year Warranty)
Sanitation SystemTurboCell Salt System + Tablet Feeder
(3 Year Warranty)
AstroLite 500 Watt 120v Incondescent
(3 Year Warranty)
Pool LightColorLogic LED Lighting
(3 Year Warranty)
Polaris 280 Pressure-Side
(2 Year Warranty)
Auto Pool CleanerPolaris 280 Pressure-Side
(2 Year Warranty)
Pole, Brush, Net, Text Kit, Vacuum Hose KitPool Care Tool KitPole, Brush, Net, Text Kit, Vacuum Hose Kit
Automatic Water Fill SystemWater Fill SystemAutomatic Water Fill System
Decorative Options
Standard Pool Tiles (6×6)Waterline TilesStandard Pool Tiles (6×6)
Brick | Flagstone | TravertineCoping MaterialBrick | Flagstone | Travertine
400 SF = Brushed | Pea GravelDecking400 SF = Spray Deck Classic (Textured)
Wet-Edge Altima White 40% Quartz
(7 Year Warranty)
Interior Finish (plaster)Wet-Edge = Satin / Pearl Quartz Matrix Category 1 Colors
(15 Year Warranty)
Spa Add-On Details
(Pool & Spa Combination Only)
7FT Inside Diameter
Round or Geometric
44″ Water Depth
Wrap Around Benches
Spillway into pool
Spa Jets = 6
High Torque Valve Actuators switch you between pool & spa mode at the press of a button.Valve ActuatorsHigh Torque Valve Actuators switch you between pool & spa mode at the press of a button.
Silencer 1.5 HP Spa Air Supply System
(1 Year Warranty)
Air Blower (Bubbles)Silencer 1.5 HP Air Supply System
(1 Year Warranty)
H-Series 400K BTU Natural Gas or LP
(3 Year Warranty)
Spa Heater (Also works on pool)H-Series 400K BTU Natural Gas or LP
(3 Year Warranty)
AstroLight 100w White
(3 Year Warranty)
Spa LightColorLogic LED Lighting
(3 Year Warranty)
3 Years (Covers Applicable Parts and Service) Equipment Warranty3 Years (Covers Applicable Parts and Service)
2 Years (Covered Parts and Service)Auto Pool Cleaner Warranty2 Years (Covered Parts and Service)
1 YearTile & Coping Warranty1 Year
1 YearGeneral Warranty1 Year
7 Year
(Wet-Edge Altima)
Plaster Warranty15 Year
(Wet-Edge *Satin / Pearl Matrix)
Price Breakdown
Base Package “Pool Only”
Starting at $29,999.00
Pool OnlyEco-Select Package “Pool Only”
Starting at $34,999.00
Base Package “Pool & Spa”
Starting at $39,999.00
Pool & Spa CombinationEco-Select Package “Pool & Spa”
Starting at $44,999.00
Base PackageEco-Select Package

In summary, we could initially start out with an 80′ perimeter pool, modify the shape to fit your backyard in any shape so long as it does not exceed 80′ perimeter and 6′ depth.

Not limited to just 80′ – To increase the size of the pool, simply add $250.00 per every additional foot of perimeter. For example, 10 extra perimeter to equal 90′ would cost an additional $2,500.

Pick and choose your upgrades. Many of our clients will start with the base package and begin to add only the certain things that they want. For example, a Base package but with LED lights, salt system, and upgraded plaster.

Add more concrete. Sometimes 400 SF of concrete may not be enough for a project, so additional SF of concrete will add additional cost. For example, +200 SF concrete making a total of 600 would cost approximately $1,700.

This is a general guide to the starting cost of an in-ground swimming pool.
Every pool installation project will be unique, each with it’s own set of requirements and design challenges.

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