A customized in-ground swimming pool with the option to add additional upgrades or an attached hot tub.


We start our custom pool packages at a minimum of 80′ perimeter in any shape because a pool smaller than 80′ perimeter (or under 380 sqft of surface area) is usually not desired by many homeowners who want to spend time in their pool. Starting off with an 80 foot perimeter pool you can design in any shape, see below for more details.

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Basic In-ground Gunite Pools Starting Prices


Does NOT include the spa.
$ 37,500
00 Starting
  • Inground Gunite
  • 80 Perimeter
  • 400 sqft Decking
  • Basic pool equipment set
  • Standard material selections


Includes attached spa.
$ 47,500
00 Starting
  • Inground Gunite
  • 80 Perimeter
  • Attached spa 7' dia
  • 400 sqft Decking
  • Basic pool equipment set
  • Standard material selections
inground pool prices cost to build basic swimming pool (2)


Starting with a respectable 80′ perimeter pool (or 380 – 400 sqft) of a customized shape to fit your backyard so long as it does not exceed 80 foot perimeter and 6′ total depth you could potentially get this pool package for not a penny more. There are variables to each pool installation, such as (and not limited to) elevation challenges, no-access zones, certain city permitting zones, HOA restrictions or requirements, etc.


We offer top-notch energy efficient Hayward in-ground pool equipment backed by a solid warranty and built for performance to power up your pool and spa. Part of our mission is making sure that you have the best pumps, filters, controls, heaters, cleaners and everything else that keeps you cool and your pool in working order.


Materials included with the Base pool package are durable, long lasting and look great. Our competitive advantage allows us to price some of the finer materials used on inground pools into even our basic models. Enjoy your choice between the pool interior, tile and coping, and the waterline tiles.


What’s included.

  • Perimeter:
    80 Linear Feet
  • Shape:
    Any Shape
  • Depth:
    3.5′ to 6′
  • Tile:
    6″ x 6″ Standard Ceramic
  • Coping: Choices
    Travertine with 2 Colors
    Flagstone with 3 Colors
    Bullnose Brick with 5 Colors
  • Decking:
    Pea Gravel
  • Interior:
    Your Choice of 2 Colors
    Wet-Edge Altima – Blue, White
  • Filtration Pump:
    Single Speed:
    Hayward Super II
  • Filter:
    425 SF Filtration Area
  • Control System:
    E-Command 4
    Includes wireless remote
  • Sanitation:
    Chlorine In-Line Feeder
  • Auto Cleaner:
    Polaris 280 Pressure Cleaner
  • Lighting:
    White 500W Incandescent
  • Type of Pool:
    Gunite In-ground
  • Included Toolset:
    Pole, Brush, Net, Text Kit, Vacuum Hose Kit
  • Filling System:
    Automatic Pool Filler

This basic pool construction package has no set limitations of design, shape, or availability to add-on or upgrades as long as it fits within the starting price.

You may choose individual upgrades on select items, materials or equipment.

Additional cost items will be listed within the design proposal for your careful considerations.

Want a Bigger Pool?

To increase the size of the pool, simply add $300.00 per every additional foot of perimeter. For example, add 10′ perimeter from 80′ to equal 90′ – this would cost an additional $3,000. *Some exclusions or limitations may apply such as and not limited to: interior surface selections, extra benches, steps or design features, and is based on increasing size of pool structure only. May not include adjacent concrete decking which may be increased separately from the size of pool. 

Pool & Spa Upgrades

Many of our clients will start with the base package and begin to add only the certain item upgrades that they want or make sense for them. For example, a Base package pool but with LED lighting upgrade, salt system, and / or upgraded interior finish. A very popular upgrade to the Base Pool Package is the Variable Speed Filtration Pump which helps to save on electrical operating costs.

More concrete decking

Sometimes 400 SF of concrete may not be enough for a project. Additional concrete will add additional cost. For example, +200 SF concrete making a total of 600 would cost approximately $1,700 – $1,900. *Depending on special requirements, structural requirements, elevation challenges, drainage, and chosen finish material. Keep in mind that there is more work that goes into pouring concrete (that will last and be less prone to cracking) than just pouring concrete. Things like turn-downs, footings, expansion joints, etc are all very important for a quality installation and these shall be added in the cost of installation.


Discover and enjoy the full benefits of year round swimming and make it a combo with a spa! A raised spa will add extra dimensions of detail to a basic inground pool making the overall design more appealing.

Adding a spa is the best way to keep using your swimming pool all year round because our 7′ x 7′ attached hot-tub packs are added onto any swimming pool configuration and come with a spillway that flows into the pool, a heater, air blower, multiple level wrap around bench seating, light, and 6 spa jets plus the plumbing lines and the whole nine yards for only $9,500 – $10,500 more! Spas have their own set of customization options much like a pool.

Adding a spa also comes with the ability to not only heat the spa but also use the spa heater on the pool, which results in longer swimming seasons for you! If you don’t have a hot-tub you might be missing out on some intense relaxation and the convenience of using your pool all year.

Standard raised spa attached to pool includes up to 6 jets, multi-level bench seating, flat spillway into the pool up to 4FT, includes the spa heater (propane or natural gas only), forced air blower (for the bubbles) and the installation of these items into the pool system including the gas lines, plumbing, electrical, masonry, etc.

“Quality is not understated and is highly detectable when in the presence of a professional.”

swimming pool design


List all your favorite features, tell us your budget, and we will get you a custom pool design and quote.

No. Even if a pool contractor is offering a lower price for the winter season, it does NOT cost us any less to build your pool.

Although we have covered mostly gunite pools in this article, the answer to this question is subjective. With so many options the best pool for your money is the one that fits your budget.

If you prefer top quality & unlimited design options – go with gunite.

how much will my new pool cost

If you know your budget, now is a good time to get a pool design quote.

If you need more information about new swimming pool pricing, find more on our pool pricing main page:

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looking at the base pool package without spa, do you build in Florida?

Jacquelyn Heflin
Jacquelyn Heflin

Do you build in FL?


need to know 15×32 basic package how much ,please contact me .

Justin ratcliffe
Justin ratcliffe

Hello I’m interested in a pool. The starter for 36k. Please give me a call 2542585912

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