Does my location matter if I want to build a gunite pool?

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swimming pools built on the lake

You can install a gunite swimming pool in almost any location.

The versatility of design and ability to conform to any shape imaginable makes the gunite swimming pool construction method among the most popular choice for homeowners who have limited space, or challenging location requirements. With careful engineering and quality construction methods it does not matter the geographical area you live in, you can enjoy a strong, long lasting gunite pool. Here are some of the more challenging locations for swimming pool installations:

Inground Pools on Lake Conroe TX:

Swimming pools that are built on the lake can feature a few very unique customization that will add even more beauty and inspiration to the day and night. A home on the lake front will typically be elevated from the water level of the lake. This is required in case the lake should rise due to flash flooding or even 100 year flood levels, and so that the majority of the property passive water runoff will drain to the lake. So the elevation and grade will be of great consideration when establishing the proper level of the pool installation if you live on the lake. swimming pool construction on the lake Having a pool builder that is specifically experienced with your local lake body and authority will be of your top priority. There are usually locally set regulations as to the minimum and maximum elevations allowed for installing a swimming pool according to how close it may be to your bulkhead. Many questions come from our clients who built their pools on lake-front properties. One of the most popular we are asked is:

how close to my existing bulkhead can I put my pool?

That is always a very good question, and one that we would be asking the local lake authority even if our client did not ask us this question. The local lake authority will provide us with copies of your exact bulkhead layout as according to the files submitted when your bulkhead was installed. In very rare cases, the local lake authority may not have received legible or scaled drawings of the bulkhead location, shape, or supporting pylons. In this case we would work with you and a local bulkhead construction company to help locate the piers / pylons that support your bulkhead and make the proper adjustments to them as required per your pool design. We have designed and installed pools to perfectly fit around existing lake easements and bulkheads without compromising the integrity of the surrounding supports and drainage paths. From the more complicated implementations such as creating solid gunite bell bottom piers as stage 2 supports for your bulkhead, to simpler methods such as integrally interlocking the pool rebar into the home foundation we have the experience to build your pool on the lake.

Living on a hillside:

Did you know that a gunite pool can be installed with up to 3/4 of the height of the structure out of ground? The ability to raise a pool out of the ground on one side allows for some really interesting design customization options. You may find yourself naturally in this advantageous design position by living on a large hillside. In this case you should be most concerned with proper engineering of the footings or piers and the thickness of gunite at the pool bottom, especially on the down-slope side.

swimming pool contractors of lake conroe tx

Working with gunite allows for us to conform to engineering requirements for special installation situations and still achieve award winning designs. All swimming pools must be installed exactly level within millimeters of perfection. Water will always seek the most level and lowest point, and can easily show when it’s container is not exactly level. So, when installing a swimming pool upon a hillside, the pool structure will always be oriented exactly level and at some point may appear to rise out of the hillside on one side. The most notable details about pools that are built upon a hillside are:

  • Available tiered spillway / infinity edge effect into a lower catch basin
  • Ability to create lower landings / staging areas below the pool that are out of immediate line of sight

A pool in the woods

A very common question that we are asked is:

Do we have to remove any trees?

There are a few rules of thumb when it comes to answering this question. We would always like to take a close look at the site you intend on installing your pool to make a proper assessment for you to answer that question. However, keep in mind these few things when looking around your backyard to find the space you need for a pool in a heavily wooded area. removing trees to install swimming pool

Keeping in mind that removing trees is an additional expense to the pool project, but is not a deal breaking expense. The first step is to locate the general area you would like your pool installed and check the layout with a tape measure or yard tape. Just measure a space of 20ft x 40ft and see if there are any tree trunks in that space. If there are any trees within the 20 x 40 space they will more than likely need to be removed. The minimum distance of a tree trunk to the edge of a pool shell or decking structure should be no less than the distance of the furthest leaves away from the tree trunk. This will ensure that the roots may not begin to grow into the pool decking, piping

We hope this has helped you determine where (and not if) in your backyard you can install your new swimming pool! No matter if you live very close to the lake, or on a steep hillside you can still enjoy the ownership of a private swimming pool. If you live in the Montgomery, TX area, around Walden, Grand Harbor, Bentwater, or anywhere around the Lake Conroe TX area and you need a professional pool builder to check out your property to see if you are eligible for one of these great pool designs then let us know! For more details about the inground gunite swimming pool construction around Montgomery County, TX give us a call or send a quick email, we would love to answer your questions at no obligation.

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