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    Custom Gunite Pool Builder

    We have the experience and skills required to create what you envision into your ideal backyard oasis. Did we mention that we help you after the pool is built with ongoing pool services? There is a lot more to the process than the construction of the pool. It’s a relationship and we make sure that our staff is there from start, during and after the construction process to inform and instruct you, Pool School as we call it. We take great pride in not only listening to your current needs and wishes, but also in adapting those desires into a serviceable and functional outdoor environment.

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    Thank you for considering Your Pool Builder to be your Local Woodlands pool contractor. We know this is an important decision and a big investment so we are privileged to be given the opportunity to tell you our story and show you how we can deliver more quality at better prices and have your pool completed sooner than other pool builders near The Woodlands.

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    Your Pool Builder Woodlands is a swimming pool contractor specializing in high-end custom pool designs, construction, and pool remodeling services proudly serving The Woodlands, TX and surrounding areas. We exist to bring the absolute best in swimming pool construction to the backyards of Woodlands home owners who value the luxury of the pool-owner lifestyle.

    custom inground pool builders the woodlands, tx 77389 77382

    Your professional pool installation company that provides custom inground gunite swimming pool construction and renovation services with over 20 years of proven experience. The professional choice for new pool installations in The Woodlands, TX 77389, 77381, 77382, 77380, 77375, 77379

    Never duplicating our designs, we take passion and pride to each concept. Our team will show you just how dedicated we are to your backyard vision, it’s what we do for a living!

    Pool Construction Woodlands Style

    Building a swimming pool for our clients in The Woodlands is a fun experience because we get to help find your style, and imagination. Helping you to make a pool design that matches both your family and your property. Not only do we install custom pools but we also can re design your entire backyard and enhance the experience with custom outdoor kitchens, patios, pavilions, and porch covers.

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    Your Pool Builder The Woodlands understand that every project is unique. We deliver thoughtfully crafted, beautiful aquatic elements that are reflective of the clients desires to create outdoor environments seamlessly blended with the surrounding architecture. It is our mission to understand that every home owner in The Woodlands has unique and definitive project specifications and will settle for no less than the best customer service. 

    custom inground gunite pool builders the Woodlands, TX

    Because we understand the pool construction process so well, we are able to make your new pool purchase go as smoothly as possible. Our team of professionals understand what is necessary for the proper engineering of your swimming pool project; whether you have considered a freeform or geometric, large or small pool design, and even if is on flat ground or on the side of a hill.

    Pool Contractors of The Woodlands, TX 77389 77382

    As a professional pool builder in The Woodlands, we offer a wide range of features to ensure your end product is not only high quality, but unique and retains a high resale value. Cool Pool features like slides, Tanning shelves, grottos, waterfalls, lazy-river, LED Water Features and beach-entries can be incorporated in the design of your in-ground pool to make it amazing.

    Pool Remodeling & Repair The Woodlands TX

    Did we mention that we are swimming pool remodeling and restoration experts? It is true that after so many years of use the pool will need special attention. From hard water scale on the pool tiles to resurfacing with new plaster or even totally renovating everything on your pool we have the solutions for you.

    inground swimming pool remodeling and resurfacing montgomery county texas

    Let us show you how we have repaired old tile, replaced worn equipment, and upgraded design features for less than the cost of a brand-new swimming pool installation. We can also assist you in planning landscaping features to enhance your design. Your Woodlands number one choice in pool remodeling services.

    As swimming pools age they will show some signs of wear and tear. We are trained to spot a pool problem from a mile away. Through our experience in renovating and restoring pools in and near The Woodlands we have found some trends of repair needs.


    Some of the most common pool remodeling services that are requested around the Woodlands, TX are mostly general repairs and pool interior resurfacing but also can include some of the following items:

    • Replace Tile and Coping Materials
    • Upgrade to more energy efficient pool equipment
    • Pool Tile Scale Removal & Restoration
    • Pool Interior acid washing & stain removal
    • Pool Crack & Leak Repairs
    • Replace pool decking materials
    • Add an outdoor kitchen
    • Extend your back porch patio space
    • Resurface your pool interior
    • Resurface your pool deck
    • Upgrade to LED pool lighting
    • Add landscape & outdoor lighting effects
    • Turn your pool into a salt water system

    Don’t Forget Custom Landscaping

    Having a new swimming pool installed is awesome, what could make it even better? Having LED landscape lights can put the cherry on top of a new swimming pool in your backyard.

    Landscape LED Lighting Installers The Woodlands TX

    A little information about The Woodlands, TX

    The Woodlands is a master-planned community and census-designated place in the U.S. state of Texas North of the Greater Houston area. Located near Montgomery County Texas zip codes in The Woodlands include: 77380, 77381, 77382, 77386, 77389. There are many attractions to The Woodlands, including The Woodlands Mall, The Waterway, Market Street and more!

    Apply for new pool construction in The Woodlands

    Below is the link you will need to check out in order to understand the application for swimming pool construction process as outlined by The Woodlands Township. We handle these applications for our clients but provided you need to know the process.

    Woodlands Township Swimming Pool Application

    FAQs about swimming pools in The Woodlands TX

    • How much does a custom pool cost in The Woodlands?
      • The average inground custom pool in the Woodlands cost around $60,000
    • How long does it take to build a new pool in The Woodlands, TX?
      • In good weather it takes about 6 to 10 weeks to complete a pool in the Woodlands.
    • Do I need a permit for building a new pool in the Woodlands?
      • In most cases, yes. You will need a pool permit from the Woodlands Township for a new pool.

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