Pool Design Layout Worksheet

Draw Your Perfect Pool Design

We made this handy pool layout worksheet for you to plan the perfect pool & backyard.


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How much pool can fit into my small backyard? This is a very common question that we are asked when a new client approaches us to build a custom gunite swimming pool. Usually, this question is asked by homeowners who have a small yard or think there might not be much room to install a swimming pool.

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If you know your budget, now is a good time to get a pool design quote.

The content and references to swimming pool prices on this page/website is/are used as a general guideline to help explain the swimming pool purchasing process in more detail. All estimates, price declarations, timelines, milestones, and expectations are subject to challenges for each project therefore the prices shown are based on the minimal viable pool package under the perfect installation conditions. This web page is not representative of the actual agreement.

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