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Gunite swimming pools offer the most flexibility in design options, and the longest structural warranty in the pool industry. We prefer to install inground pools made from gunite so that we can guarantee our quality installations for a lifetime.

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Free-Form / Custom
Geometric / Straight Line

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Pool Equipment Selections:

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All pools come with the standard (basic) level pool control systems, usually manual valves and dial timers, manual switches and some base models may include wireless features.

Wireless Controls

Wireless control systems allow for updated configurations, and automation feature expansions.

Variable Speed Pumps

Variable Speed pumps will allow for maximum energy efficiency while operating your pool.

LED Lighting Package

There are standard pool lights, and then there are LED pool lights, and they are brilliant with full color shows!

Salt System

An alternative to chlorine, salt is the natural and environmentally friendly way to make chlorine in your pool!

Special Design Features Selections:

Select the design features you want on your pool.
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Add Heated Spa

Adding a spa to your pool is an optional luxury feature

Swim-Up Bar

Eat and drink right from your pool, amazing feature for pool parties!


Add tranquility and soothing rushing water sounds to your environment.

Grotto Cave

A private spot to hang out inside your own water cave!

Sun-Shelf / Tan Ledge

Keep cool and get a tan at the same time, shallow ledges for adults and kids.

Bubbler Fountains

Add water columns to your sun-ledge for fun and added circulation.

Vanishing Edge

Perfect for the hill-side or Lake Front pool installation, the infinite water look.

Fire Pit (Attached)

Impress your guests with a fire pit attached right to the pool.

Diving Board

Competition swimmers and kids all agree that a pool is more fun with a diving board.

Slide (Stand-alone)

Slide in a little fun from 4FT to 7FT and even taller pool slides!

Automatic Pool Cover

For select designs you can have the safety and convenience of a cover that automatically closes.

Fire Bowls

Fire features to spice up the night life around the pool.

Water Bowls / Urns

From classic to modern water bowls, urns, and scuppers bring extra life to your pool design.

Deck Jets

Pencil in a few symmetrical deck jets to bring the water park a little closer to home.

Sheer Decent

Versatile and subtle water effects with sheer decent water features.

Add-On & Upgrade Features Selections:

Select the upgrade or add-on feature options you want on your new pool.
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LED Deck Jets

Laminars bring the classic deck jets to the 21st century as dancing tubes of colored light!

LED Bubbler Fountains

When the lights go down the fantastic colors of the LED bubblers begin to show.

Pool Total Enclosure

Put your pool indoors with a glass, poly-carbonate, or screen total enclosure.

Fire Place

Bring the family together by the fire and near the pool, ah the memories.

Fire Pit

Designate a special area to enjoy fire-side stories and smores with your loved ones.

Shade Pergola / Outdoor Structures

Like a more elegant shade cover? Check out our pergola & pavilion designs.

Outdoor Kitchen

Entertain your pool-side summertime guests with an amazing outdoor kitchen setup.

Hardscape Selection Options:

Select the type of decking for your pool.
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Natural Stone Pavers

The most elegant look with quality durable stones honed to perfection.

Concrete Stamp Pattern

Integral colored and stamped / sealed concrete patterns.

Concrete Textured

Spray-Deck / Cool-Deck is a lasting random textured overlay system.

Turf Grass

Understating effects with maintenance-free grass right to the pool edge.

Concrete Gravel

Exposed aggregate pebble finished concrete, "Pea Gravel".

Pool Interior Selection Options:

Select the type of interior pool finish.
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40% White Quartz - Standard

The industry standard white pool plaster. Every pool must start with this option but can be upgraded with options below.

100% Quartz Colored

Long lasting high performance quartz.

Pebble-Sheen Colored

Incredibly strong and long lasting smooth miniature pebble finish.

Glass-Bead Colored

Top of the line specialized smooth glass bead.

Landscaping & Backyard Theme Options:

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