Salt Water Pool vs Patio Furniture

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Patio Furniture for Swimming Pools

How many times have you replaced your outdoor furniture? If you are like most people, the answer is on average, twice. Do you have a salt pool and need furniture that can handle the environment? Here is your solution for the best patio furniture when you have a salt water pool!


The Poly Furniture for Pools

New technology allows manufacture Berlin Gardens to recycle used milk jugs to create durable, long lasting and appealing outdoor furnishings. With first hand experience using this product we are excited to share the amazing features & benefits like;

  • No rust, no splinters, no fading – EVER
  • Moisture resistant – NO MOLD
  • Stain & Salt Water resistant
  • Less cost than powder coating!


Owning a swimming pool or living space out-back is a very nice thing to have, yet without the proper furnishings is not a very comfortable environment. If you are an outdoor enthusiast this furniture will help you spend a lifetime enjoying the great outdoors!

See more pool furniture photos, ratings, and detailed information on the best outdoor furniture you can get for the swimming pool area that will last a lifetime.

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