Differences In The Many Types Of Patio Enclosures

One thing which is common in all the modern houses is a house extension; patio. It takes its inspiration from Spanish origins but seems to have penetrated all modern architectural designs lately. Patios since cannot be used in rainy weathers or when it gets really windy, there is a rising trend of using enclosures with them. Patio enclosures come in many different types and designs so that you can choose the one that would go well with the overall style and design of your home. Patio enclosures are usually retractable enclosures so that you can have a roof on when the weather is unfavorable and go without it when you feel that the sun is too beautiful to be missed out on. It is for this flexibility that many people are opting for patio enclosures and going for the type that best suits their needs and demands.

Patio enclosure CORSO Ultima

Patio enclosure CORSO Ultima

  1. Insect and bug protection

If the mosquitoes, crawling bugs and ticks ruin your swimming experience, you surely need to have an enclosure for your pool or patio. Not only are they annoying, but they can also be hazardous to health. The stings of wasps and bees can be really terrifying and painful too, especially if you are sensitive to allergies. But those aren’t just the scary stories of insect bites you need to worry about. Having a patio enclosure forms a protective wall around your outdoor space so you won’t have to be worried about getting bitten and catching a disease. Get an enclosure so you won’t have to use harsh insect repellants.

  1. A sunblock

If you love being outdoor and around the pool for a sun bath, you have to be careful with the sunburns from the ultraviolets rays of the sun. In fact, too much exposure to sun can increase your risk of skin cancer. Applying sunblocks can be really tedious and annoying, especially if you are in the pool. So forget those timely touchups and get a pool enclosure that’s also provides sun protection. Go for a patio screen that is effective against sun damage. Phifer solar screening can block up to 90 percent of the solar heat.

  1. Longer patio furniture life

If you have already invested in expensive patio furniture, patio enclosures will increase their life. In fact, you won’t have to worry about the rain or rusting of lounge chairs or tables.

  1. Add amazing aesthetics to your outdoor

Pool and patio enclosures can massively improve the aesthetics of your home. You can entertain your guests outdoor without worrying about the insects or the weather. You can choose between different aluminum colors and designs.  These enclosures are also available in polycarbonate so you can go for what suits your requirements.

  1. Safety

You don’t have to worry about the safety of your kids or pets, because enclosures are also available with childproof locking. Also, these enclosure are able to withstand extreme weather conditions, like thunderstorm or snowfall. Apart from that, pool enclosures can protect you against external intrusion and unwanted people trespassing your property. You can also install an alarm system to add another layer of security.

  1. Privacy

If you have privacy concerns, you can add colored and dark enclosures that aren’t transparent.

  1. Added value

Enclosures can largely reduce your heating costs, because these polycarbonate panels act like a greenhouse. So you won’t have a lot of heat loss on cloudy or cooler days. They also reduce the amount of evaporation (less water usage), saving you additional costs. Enclosures are also a better solution over solar foam covers to reduce evaporation because the latter can get dirty very easily. Of the many types that are available, we have shortlisted some of the most common for you. To make the choice easier we will be discussing their differences rather than their qualities so that it gets easier for you to choose the one that you need.

Patio enclosure CORSO Premium on wooden deck

Patio enclosure CORSO Premium on wooden deck


If you want to stay inside an enclosure and still get to enjoy the view outside then this is the kind of enclosure you should be going with. These enclosures are usually made of vinyl, wood, and aluminum. They are durable and can last with you for a long time especially the ones that are made of aluminum and vinyl. Their anti-corrosive and anti-rust properties do not let them wear out too quickly. The sunrooms usually come with a heating and air conditioning facilities which means that you can adjust the temperature inside the way you want.

Patio enclosure

Setting up patio enclosures are always beneficial to home owners, the addition of a patio enclosure can re shape the unused space in your home into a space for, relaxation, and comfort. However, a patio enclosure can also increase your home’s property value and give you an extra health benefits which is protecting you from bugs and the sun, more benefits of patio enclosures are discussed further below One of the major benefits of patio enclosures is that you can now make the most of your outside space without the additional issues of being tormented by bugs. Simply envision starting up the grill without getting jump besieged by a crowd of flies. On the other hand what about unwinding in your most loved seat without smothering yourself in against mosquito moisturizer. Generally a patio enclosure gives all of you the advantages of your current outside space yet without any bother. Secondly, even in the best of climate, a home’s porch space might have a tendency to be underutilized, since bugs can be a major issue for your house guests. There are also days when rain, can constrain the pleasure of sitting outside.  Therefore, the choice of a patios enclosure to your home can be of high to you and for your house guests. However a patio enclosure creates more space for you to store some of your belongings in a tidy manner not looking clustered up and unkept, for example, shoes, caps, and even coats. Another major advantage of patio enclosure is that it serves as an added security measure, in other words it acts as another line of protection against any break into your property. Keep in mind that you’re prone to make it much harder for a robber to access your property and in light of this, more so from a security angle, a patio enclosure offers you more insurance from unwanted visitors.

Screen room

If you are living in an area which sees more of the hotter months than the cooler ones throughout the year than this is the kind of enclosure you should be going with for your patio. These enclosures are often called gazebo. They come with a good ventilation system that lets the fresh air come in while keeping all the mosquitoes and bugs out of its boundaries.

Solid Lattice Patio Enclosure

For areas that experience cooler climates and do not get to see snow much, these are the patio enclosures you should be going with. It uses aluminum as the main material and this means that it will not rust or corrode in the cold weather. They are usually more durable and require very little maintenance.

Open Lattice Patio Cover

This is an open patio which uses aluminum as the main material. This means they can work all year round without requiring much of the care. You can always add some plants to these patio enclosures to provide you with a cool shade in summer’s lazy afternoons. An ideal place to be in if you want to enjoy the view while you also get to feel the gush of fresh air on your face.

Sun Porch

If you use the porch to park your vehicles and are worried about them wearing out under the extreme heat, you can make use of the sun porch. It uses lumber like redwood, cedar, mahogany along with glass panes and screens to cover the sides. It is can also be used as a conservatory because of its designs. Many have been seen using it as a greenhouse too since its design fulfills all the requirements. Patio plays a very important part in bringing out the class and elegance of your home. You wouldn’t want to go with an enclosure that might not suit you after a couple of years. Visit our website. It will help you know more about the designs and types of enclosures for your patio and much more. This way you can decide better on the type of enclosure that would need and the kind of quality and durability you are looking for.

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