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Is a swimming pool right for me? Can I afford a swimming pool? – Do you find yourself asking these questions? Keep reading to learn how much pool you can get for the buck, and what goes into building them that seems so darn expensive – some would say.

Purchasing a swimming pool is about balancing the budget (if you have one – most of us do) and the “wish list”. Finding out what are the most important factors for having a new pool; are we going to float around in peace or entertain friends & family.

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Inground Pool Prices Installed

How much does it cost to install inground swimming pool?


This article is a simple guide to the costs associated with installing an inground (concrete) swimming pool in Texas, USA. There are many factors involved when estimating an accurate swimming pool construction proposal ranging from special requirements to build the pool, and also costs that can be incurred after the pool installation is completed.

There are many websites out there claiming to explain pool construction prices, such as HomeAdvisor or Fixr who’s goal is to obtain leads they can charge contractors for have no idea the detailed implementation of the construction process, get your advice from a professional swimming pool builder, so keep on reading!

Ranging from $30k – $40k – up to $100k swimming pools, custom designed.

Read the full article > Swimming Pool Construction Prices & Cost

Wet Edge Quality Interior Pool Finishes

Pool Finishes and Resurfacing Montgomery, TX

wet edge pool plaster installers houston tx area your pool builder of texas

Performance pool surfaces at affordable prices

Wet Edge pool finishes are the leaders in upgraded swimming pool interior surfaces. Offering the latest in quartz, exposed aggregate, and glass bead additives for long lasting, extremely durable results of almost any color you could want. Pool owners from all around the Montgomery County area have chosen Wet Edge to be their pool surface due to it’s elegant look, smooth feel, and exquisite appeal. 

inground pool plaster colors montgomery county tx your pool builder of texas

Luna Quartz – Mediteranean

We prefer to install Wet Edge products on our swimming pool installations around Montgomery County due to the quality of the product and the support that comes with it. Wet Edge produces it’s very own proprietary blend of superior pool finish mixtures that have proven to retain more color over a longer period of time.

Pool Builders Montgomery County TX Your Pool Builder of Texas (4)

Luna Quartz – Pacific

Clients who have chosen to upgrade their pool interior surface to any of the available lines of material have been fully satisfied with the results, and so have we. Your Pool Builder of Texas is proud to keep striving at providing the very best for our inground pool construction clients near Montgomery, TX while keeping prices well within fair ranges.

To see more, check out our profile on, and be sure to check out all the available pool interior surface options they have to offer, and as always if you have any question about upgrading your pool plaster just drop us a line!

Your Pool Builder on >

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Pool Resurfacing with Wet Edge Free Estimate >

Video Playlist from Wet Edge Pool Finishes

What time of the year is best to start building my new pool?

When to build the pool

Best time of year to start building a swimming pool in Montgomery County Texas


This is a great question that we are asked very frequently from Montgomery County pool clients –

“When is the best time of year to build the pool?”

So we’d like to answer that question for any of you wondering about how long will it take to complete and – are there any special benefits to building my pool in the winter season?

The ambiguous answer to this question is that we can build a pool anytime during the year. We are very commonly asked about the winter time and beginning of summer so we will cover all seasons in this article. You will discover that choosing the time of year to build your new pool revolves around your life, because building inground pools near the Montgomery County Texas area is what we do everyday all year.

Building Pools in the Winter Season

Can you build a pool in the winter time? – Yes! Is it cheaper to build a swimming pool in the winter time? – No! 

inground pool builders near montgomery tx 77356 77316

From rumors to facts, let’s help to set the record straight about building inground gunite pools in the winter time. Let’s be real, pools are just not a hot item in the winter time. However, if you have a heated spa, or plan on an indoor setup that might change things a bit, but the pool typically is not used much if at all during the winter months. 

custom inground pool builders of Montgomery county texas 77356 77304

Although we have built many pools during the winter months of any given year, most people do not have their minds on the pool project during Christmas. Many who build a pool in the winter time are looking forward to the next year season, or are just die-hard hot tub enthusiasts. You can heat the pool too and it really doesn’t cost that much. 

Winter time advantages:

  • Scheduling Flexibility 
  • Planning Ahead (Plan for a new years party, landscaping for next spring, pool is READY)
  • In the Details (plenty of time to stress test the pool design before construction begins)


Winter time Disadvantages:

  • Hard Freezes (we have solutions for freezing conditions)
  • Curing Time (Concrete materials have slightly slower curing rates)


What to watch out for: 

  • Major Holidays (We will help you plan around this if it is not avoidable altogether)

 Building Pools in the Summer Season

Are you ready for the summer rush? We are! During the spring and summer months is when our clients think about their pools the most. If you don’t have one, you want one. If you have one, you want to be in it!

inground pools near montgomery tx 77356 77304 77316

In Montgomery County Texas the temperatures of spring are generally in the 50’s & 60’s and get warmer by the day until it’s as hot as anyone could ask for at the peak of summer. The spring time is a great time to start planning the pool project. We wrote another post about how long it takes to build an inground swimming pool that explains how we can get you swimming in as little as 6 weeks. Including the approval process you can expect your pool to be completed in 2 months or less.

There’s still time! Summer time in Montgomery County lasts until August, and most pool owners just keep on swimming in their pools until October. With a summer this long it makes sense to own a swimming pool, that’s  2/3 of the year of fun! 

In the summer, things flow a little faster. Material providers are fully stocked from their distribution points and freight is moving more frequently. Skilled tradesmen are in the area and readily available. Although not much different from any other time of year, it’s just that things naturally move quicker in the summer. You may actually benefit from summer time sales promotions more than in the winter time.

There is no wrong time of year to build an inground pool around Montgomery County, the best time to build the pool is when you are ready. Getting ready to build a pool involves a lot of consideration, and we hope this has helped answer one of those pool construction questions you have. 

inground pool builders of conroe tx 77302 77301 77304

Looking to find out more about how we build swimming pools in Montgomery County and nearby communities? Check out our pool construction process page >

Are you ready to build and looking for a fair priced design for your home in Montgomery, TX? Find out how we can become Your Pool Builder in Montgomery, TX


How much dirt is removed during swimming pool excavation?

Building a pool in Montgomery County Texas?

How much dirt will be removed, and should I worry about it?

inground pool builders near conroe, tx 77304 77302

We get this question asked quite frequently from our clients around Montgomery County when leading up to the day of excavation of a new inground swimming pool. We all want to know what happens to all of that dirt! So, really quickly, because there’s just not much to it, we will explain who gets the spoils of digging a new pool.

Some of the dirt might stay, most or even all gets hauled away. Out of sight, out of mind! 

What comes out of the ground?

inground pool builders around Conroe, TX 77304 77302

Throughout Montgomery County whenever we dig a new inground pool, we pretty much know what type of soil conditions to expect. Especially for neighborhoods that have been around for a while like Grand Harbor in Montgomery, TX, Grand Central Park and Crighton Woods in Conroe, TX, The Woodlands, TX and the list goes on around the area.

We usually find that the first foot of soil is top soil, a great mix for plants and grass. Below the top soil we usually find a type of mixture that includes clay so that it can be compacted to specification for the development of the neighborhood, and of course the foundation of the homes.

Depending on how deep the pool is, average pool depth being in the 8 foot range, we may excavate portions of the original soil from before the development of the neighborhood took place. In 99.9% of swimming pool construction projects around Montgomery County Texas we have never encountered subterranean conditions that would not allow us to install the pool.

Some key advantages to our construction methods at the start of pool excavation:

  • We clean as we go
  • We haul away the dirt for you
  • Core samples when necessary 
  • Access to multiple size and power range of excavation equipment

Can I keep some dirt from the pool excavation?

inground pool builders Huntsville, TX 77340 77341

Clients from all around Montgomery County ask if there are any advantages to saving the dirt that is excavated from digging their new inground pool. There are a few benefits of keeping your good dirt such as these:

  • Leveling the yard
  • Use in another project

We are also asked if there are any savings of the pool price if the dirt is kept on site. In most cases the answer to that is no, there usually is not any savings worth for NOT hauling away the spoils. However, as a trade-off we may work with you to drop piles where you need them on the property, or even if agreed then we can grade the spoils around the property for you instead of hauling away the dirt, but these situations are more of a case by case basis.

The requirement to use a portion of desirable clay mix soil that is excavated from the pool dig site on the preparation for the decking stage for pools that may rise out of the ground is reserved to the amount that will be required to pad the decking area. So, before you can have any of that good ole dirt, we will need what is required for decking first.

Additional soil may be required, and usually is. So if the soil is not exactly what we are after to use in future stages of the pool construction we will bring in what we need.

Keeping the excavation site clean and safe

pool builders near 77304 conroe, tx

We take great pride in all stages of the swimming pool construction process, even the dirty parts! Even though it is a tough and dirty job at times to excavate a swimming pool, we always make sure the surrounding areas are clean and safe. During this time between the excavation and the application of gunite, you will want to keep both the pets and children away from the excavated hole. 

In most cases the fence is removed to allow the 8 feet of required access distance for our pool excavation equipment. This can create a safety concern for most families and an inconvenience for most family pets, so it is imperative that we erect the temporary construction fencing as soon as the excavation is complete. 

Here’s a tip, for the neighbors

inground pool builders conroe, TX 77304 77302 77301

Whether you neighbor has a pool or needs one too, we will always inform them of the construction that will be taking place right next to them. In some cases we may have to cross over the neighbor’s property line, or remove portions of their fence as well as your’s. Whatever the special case is getting ready to dig your new pool we will help you cover all of the bases!

Sometimes answering questions leads to more questions, so if this has helped you but you have new questions about the swimming pool construction process around Montgomery County, TX then be sure to check out our Pool Construction page, it’s in the main menu. You can always give us a call, we don’t mind answering your questions at all!

Additional Resources for Pool Excavation

Concerned about the amount of space you have to access your property to start the pool, then go here >


Your Pool Builder of Texas, building quality swimming pools and spas at affordable prices all around Montgomery County Texas!


How soon can we swim after the pool is completed?

How soon can I swim in my new pool?

Understanding the process of building a pool is extremely valuable in figuring out how to plan the project around your life. We have a section of our website you can discover more about the overall construction timeline and the specific details about each stage of the project:

> Pool Construction Process Timeline

When it’s time to fill the pool we are asked many new questions and that is why we have developed our own “Pool School” that will help answer most of your swimming pool construction related questions. At this stage of the pool project you are close to the finishing line and it is crucial that you perform a start-up procedure without the interference of any bathers in the pool.

how soon can i swim in my new pool after brushing

This part of the process is going to be the same for new pools as it is for how soon can you swim after plastering s pool, which includes existing pools that are resurfaced.

Pool Interior Finishes Curing Time

Pool interior surfaces will need special tasks performed to properly cure for the best overall results of color and exposure, as well as to help aide in starting off with a smooth surface that feels good on your hands & feet.


The more brushing, the better. No matter if you have a smooth quartz or regular pebble finish, this part of the start-up process will ensure that the surface exposes all of the small details evenly. Brushing the new pool finish at least twice per day is recommended. You can not skimp out on this part of the process or else you will not have the absolute best results. Most manufactures of pool interior finishes recommend the brushing take place 2x per day for at least 4 or 5 days.


Circulating the water during the start-up process is highly important. When the brushing begins, there will be some residual material, some call “plaster dust” that will need to be filtered out. The water used in filling the pool for the first time is not treated for a pool, and when chemical changes are made the circulation system must be on to propagate the chemicals properly.

This procedure can take anywhere from 1 week (for basic plaster surfaces) or up to 30 days (for dark-colored finishes). Don’t worry, you will not have to wait an entire month to swim in your new pool. Within about 1 – 2 weeks (depending on your choice of pool interior) you can dive in!

how soon can we swim in the pool brushing the new pool interior

After the initial brushing curing and filtration along with the chemical adjustments which you should continue monitoring, you can have at it, do a cannon ball and have fun! The first week of starting up a new inground gunite pool is the most critical time for making sure you get the desired end result. Do not rush this time when filling up your pool and the startup sequence thereafter. Below we have included a link to a swimming pool chemicals guide for everyday use that should help you keep pool chemical levels in correct ranges.

inground pool builders near Conroe TX 77304 77302 Your Pool Builder of Texas

Get ready to swim!

While you are waiting take a moment to download the swimming pool maintenance PDF guide so that you know what to do after the pool is filled with water and it’s time to swim.


We hope this has answered a swimming pool related question that you have in mind when considering a new pool or maybe you have reached the finishing line of your new pool. During the construction process of a new swimming pool we are asked so many good questions by our clients that we want to bring all of those helpful answers to others!

Choosing the right pool builder

Texas Swimming Pool Contractors

Choosing the right pool builder.

This is part of the qualifying process and thought process of buying a new pool, don’t worry it’s not a dumb question. Let us help you sift through the noise of whats out there, and help put together this swimming pool construction puzzle. Before picking up the phone book (if you still use that old thing), checking online, or asking around let’s take this topic right from the start.

What type of pool do you want to build?

Make sure the contractors you are calling on are specialized in building the type of swimming pool you are looking for. The 3 different types of pools; gunite, fiberglass, and vinyl swimming pools require different approaches to the construction process. You want to make sure that the company you choose is specialized for installing the type of pool you’re after.

We prefer the superior durability and longevity of gunite swimming pools, also known as concrete pools. Gunite pools have endless opportunities for design, size, shape and depth if you can just imagine the possibilities of creating any pool shape you can dream of. However, there are obviously alternative swimming pool structures offered for those with a different budget such as vinyl liner pools and fiberglass. The later mentioned types of pools do not posses near the same amount of design customization features, shapes, and available upgraded pool equipment options, and not to mention they usually will not include a lifetime warranty. This is why we strongly suggest building a swimming pool in Montgomery County Texas with gunite material.

The tale of two pools

With all things fair, 2 swimming pools of the same exact design features, size, shape, location (geographical), and curiously these 2 pools are presented with different prices, why so?

The lowest bidding contractor may consequently provide less gunite, less steel rebar, only one skimmer, bottom drains that tie into the single skimmer line, not provide footings for the decking, mix match your pool equipment for shopping on the cheapest products, or even going bust on your project due to lack of funds! We have seen it happen many times. We have seen a low bidding pool contractor who will lower the price at a moments notice to be awarded the job, beware of this tactic. It leaves one to wonder how much “fluff” or “padding” was originally in the bid, and what exactly are they taking away from the pool design if they lower the price but nothing else changes?

This is no situation a new pool owner should find themselves in.

In comparison, the higher bidding pool contractor better have much rhyme-to-reason for the final price with the ability to show and explain why such a price point has been reached. From the technical details to the design & construction challenges, and also itemizing the additions or extras. In all cases, “it costs what it costs to build your pool”. A qualified swimming pool builder will not work for free, their experience is hard earned and just as your’s, their time is valuable and they do this for a living.

Ultimately there is no specific number of pool builders you must call to get all of the information that you are looking for, you would need at least 3 to make an apples to apples comparison and average out the total cost of an in-ground gunite swimming pool in Montgomery County TX. The key factor for proper comparison is knowing the details. Are you looking at a quote with just one total number for a pool without a breakdown of the cost, or are you able to see where your money is going?

Do not be afraid to ask questions to better understand the pool construction process – that also includes pool pricing information. Take a moment to reflect and ask yourself:

  • Who was the most informative & educational?
  • Who provided references without having to ask?
  • Who listened to my needs the most?
  • Who seemed to be the most confident when answering my questions?
  • Who does NOT ask for a deposit on signing?

swimming pool service and repairs conroe, tx 77304 77302

A few signs that you have a potential winning pool contractor:

  • Design & Quote Delivery
  • Follow-Up & Education Sequences
  • Accurate & Transparent Pricing
  • Items Listed Within the Quote in Detail
  • Who is transparent with details about the design, construction, pricing, funding options, the process, and caring for your pool after completion?
  • Who focuses on ease-of-use and with prolonged service in mind from the start of the design?
  • Who does not require money down to start your project, even if they have to pay for permitting fees to get started, this will help show they have financial stability.

pool builders of montgomery, tx 77356 77316

Some of the differences in our pool purchase process:

  • No obligations – Yep, you get a customized pool design specifically tailored to your requests and property dimensions.
  • Standard practice all of our pool designs are created using CAD software and presented to you in video format.
  • Adding to the immersion of your pool design we can even include 360 video so that you can immerse yourself in the design right in your backyard!
  • Streamlined communications – makes the overall design process happen much faster for you.
  • Personalized support – You will be working with a dedicated design professional with over 8 years of admirable pool design experience!
  • Communications – We work as a team, and our project managers and engineers aide in the design support and cost analysis during the design process.
  • There is no credit check to get an accurate pool price!
  • No pressure approach, Education First
  • Discovery of your needs, we ask the right questions
  • Built-In profit margins, we do not pitch “add-ons” (unless you want them)

Swimming Pool Cost Factors Article >

Our Advantages >

More FAQs about pools >



Can excavators access my property to dig my new pool?

Montgomery County Texas

Getting Access to Excavate a Swimming Pool

This is a short article to answer the question that we are asked more or less – “How do we know if we can get the machines back here?” and a few other items that could be unearthed during a pool excavation project. Where homeowners in Conroe and Montgomery Texas are unsure if the pool construction equipment will fit their backyard.

swimming pool layout inground custom pool builders in Conroe, TX 77304 77302

In every case of a swimming pool installation around the Montgomery County TX area we have always been able to get the excavation access required no matter what the circumstances were. Although there are some limitations, expectations and possibly restrictions in each case of a pool construction project at the time of requesting any required approvals, there are also considerations about the spacing of your property lines and how it may effect your neighbors.

 Excavation Access to the Pool Site

In urban neighborhoods such as Grand Central Park in Conroe, TX or Woodforest Golf Club in Montgomery, TX clearance is needed between the furthest edge of the house or structure and the fence. On the other hand you may live out on an open plat of land, where access to the pool could be from any direction.

The amount of clearance needed for our normal size equipment (which will get the job done quickly) is 8 feet or more specifically 96 inches. Our equipment operators handle the excavation machines with precision!

swimming pool excavation and construction custom inground gunite pool builders Conroe, TX 77304 77302

The excavation process of a gunite swimming pool is as important as the precise shape of the finished project. You may be wondering, where does all of the dirt go if we do not leave it here? We will intend on using any good quality spoils from the dig to aide in later phases of construction, and the majority will be hauled away from your property. We will address more details about what happens to the dirt in another post.

Unearthed Discoveries

As you could imagine, we have uncovered a great deal of random objects, sprinkler systems, sewer pipes, and even old burn piles and sorry to say, with all of the pools we have installed we still have never found buried treasure…not yet! We do however run into the occasional large tree stump.

swimming pool excavation pool builders of Conroe, TX 77302 77304 77301

It is always best to know the history of your house, if at all possible. When it comes to the access of the excavation site, the distance between the house and the fence should be a minimum of 8 feet. Whether you are short on the space or not we have smaller machines available, it just may take a couple of hours longer to complete.

Common discoveries when building a swimming pool are:

Sprinkler Systems 

Sewer Pipe

Tree Stumps

Demolished Concrete

If you are seriously thinking about building a pool then you are more than likely looking at the potential, sizing up your backyard and your HOA if you have one. So here are a few helpful hints to help you prepare for the excavation aspects of swimming pool construction.

Measure the distance that you have between both sides of the house and your fence to make sure you have at least 8 feet of room. If you do not have 8 feet of space then you are going to want to speak with us and your neighbor to see other potential options.

If you have an HOA or you are under deed restrictions make sure that you get the information of allowing access of construction equipment on their website or at their office. We are experienced with all local building codes and most of the neighborhood associations around Conroe and Montgomery TX so we have the experience to help guide you.

Try to work out the location of your sprinkler pipe network if at all possible, however we can assist you with that as well. You can expect some damage to the sprinkler system when digging a new pool. The direction of pipes could be unknown or incorrectly listed.

Check around to see if you have any trees that are directly in the area you would like to install the pool. Secondly, and this will depend on your pool design, check around for any trees that may end up too close to the pool area, they could become a problem later.

By the way, we do repair the fence when the excavation is complete!

Looking for more information about swimming pool construction?

How custom inground pools are built >

How long does it take to build a pool? >

Watch Video of a Pool Excavation >

Are mission is to provide the swimming pool resources you need to make a sound pool building decision. Your Pool Builder of Texas specializes in the quality construction of custom inground gunite swimming pools and spas in Montgomery County TX including Conroe, TX Montgomery, TX and Huntsville, TX


How long does it take to build a gunite swimming pool?

How long does it take to build a gunite swimming pool?

If you have been planning to build a new swimming pool we know there are about 2 important questions in your mind:

“How long does it take, and how much does it cost?”

The 2 most common questions we are asked as professional pool builders in Montgomery TX. We are writing this short article with that in mind to answer how long it will realistically take to build your new gunite swimming pool. We will talk about pool prices in another post here: Pool & Spa Pricing Guide

Swimming Pool Construction Schedule

Montgomery County TX pool builders 77356 77316 77304 77302

As you know, weather will play a factor in keeping the schedule results the same, and in some cases can delay the schedule depending on the conditions rain might effect the pool project work site. We have covered how rain could possibly effect the schedule of swimming pool construction ->

With that in mind, you can realistically expect a gunite swimming pool construction project to take approximately 6 to 12 weeks to fully complete. If rainy weather delays are expected, the schedule could potentially be modified to work around the weather conditions.

Stages of a swimming pool installation project

custom pool builders 77355 77354 77316 77302 77304

Phase 1

Stage one involves the excavation of the pool, the rebar steel installed and the stubout plumbing completed to be ready to apply the gunite material. Did you know that the proper curing time for gunite prior to installing materials like tile and coping is an additional 3 – 7 days using the water curing method?

  • Excavation
  • Rebar
  • Stubout Plumbing
  • Site Prep (as needed)
  • Gunite Application

inground pool builders 77304 77302 77386 77356

Phase 2

Stage two consists of the combined efforts of several teams, the clean-up, plumbing installation, and the tile & coping installation which all must be ready before installing the decking / hardscape. From start to finish of this stage (depending on the scope, details and materials) it may take 2 to 4 weeks to fully complete.

  • Plumbing
  • Tile and Coping
  • Site Prep (as needed)
  • Decking

pool builders 77304 77302 77356 77316

Phase 3

Finally we get to phase 3, which is comprised of installing the plaster interior material, filling the pool in a proper manner, and the careful startup and initial chemical adjustments should all be ready prior to providing you with a detailed instructional training of your new pool.

  • Final Clean-Up
  • Interior Plaster
  • Fill & Start-Up
  • Instructional Training

Well if you’ve read this far we know you’re interested! We hope this provides you with some insight into what a swimming pool construction schedule would look like, and so that you can better plan your pool project around your life.

Quality Pools | Affordable Prices

Thank you for reading! We want to provide information that is valuable to you and that will help you in making your swimming pool purchasing decision. Your Pool Builder of Texas specializes in quality construction and remodeling of swimming pools and spas in Texas including Montgomery TX 77356, Conroe TX 77304, Magnolia TX 77354, Spring TX 77386, Huntsville TX 77340.

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Can a gunite swimming pool be installed above ground?

Gunite Pools Above ground Montgomery County TX

Since gunite offers the maximum strength that can currently be found in the swimming pool construction industry, these materials allow for a more “elevated” level of custom pool design options. So the short answer is yes, you can install a gunite pool that is mostly out of ground.

building gunite pools in Montgomery County TX

We are asked this question from time to time and the answer is initially always the same, “We will need to make an onsite evaluation of the topography of your property.” Once we have evaluated your property elevations we can work with you to develop a great pool design that will provide both the functionality and multi-level design elements combined.

Pool on Lake Conroe?

We typically see extreme grade sloping conditions when installing pools along Lake Conroe TX in Montgomery County. The backyards tend to slope at a steep angle towards to bulkhead of the lake-front. Some of our most beloved pool designs have emerged from what the landscape has to offer in Montgomery, TX

swimming pool contractors of lake conroe tx

We get the opportunity to install amazing pool features like vanishing edges which cause the pool scene from the house to appear as if it fades into the lake behind it. Or create an outdoor living area below your pool and enjoy the water sounds spilling over into the basin while you entertain your friends and family by the fire pit!

The strength and rigidity of structurally reinforced gunite allows the structure to be above ground up to 3/4 of it’s total height in some cases. Obviously there are specific engineering requirements that may be needed to create sound and solid foundations for pools rising out of the ground.

Endless Pool Design Option

We have helped so many Conroe, Lake Conroe TX homeowners reach their goal of swimming pool ownership that we have been allowed the opportunity to design some of the more amazing pools and spas around Montgomery County TX.

Montgomery County TX pool Contractors gunite pool builders

If you are thinking of building a pool of your own we would be much obliged to answer any of your pool design or construction questions. It is our mission to provide you with the resources needed to make a sound pool purchasing decision. Your Pool Builder of Texas specializes in the quality construction and remodeling of gunite swimming pools in all of Montgomery County including Huntsville TX, Montgomery TX, Magnolia TX, Conroe TX, The Woodlands TX. Providing quality pools & spas at affordable prices!

To learn more about swimming pool construction and how gunite swimming pools are made go ->
Gunite Pool Construction

To learn more about how you can restore or remodel you swimming pool in Montgomery County go ->
Pool Remodeling

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If you are looking for a qualified swimming pool contractor around Montgomery County TX:

Your Pool Builder Montgomery

Your Pool Builder Conroe

Your Pool builder Magnolia

Your Pool builder The Woodlands

Your Pool Builder Huntsville

How does a rainy day delay my pool construction project schedule?

Building a Gunite Pool in the Rain?

We all know how the rainy days can effect our lives and it’s no less bothersome especially for a Montgomery County Texas pool company. Working outdoors puts you at the mercy of the elements and weather, and building a new pool is no different. Rainy days are certainly a concern on the construction progress of your gunite swimming pool. 

Since rain can be relatively predictable, especially with our weather-tracking technology, we can prepare the plan of your pool construction schedule more reliably. Accounting for wet seasons and knowing when to complete certain phases of construction around weather events takes experience from a pool builder who has been in the business over 20 years.

Here is how rain effects pool installations

Generally speaking, for normal rainy days (that is less that 3 inches in 24hrs) and depending on the phase of construction your pool is currently in it may take up to 24hrs to 48hrs for conditions on the site to dry enough to resume working. In certain cases of a deluge of rain, other precautions or remedies may be needed to hold the working site from receiving any damages or flooding conditions.

Building a custom inground gunite swimming pool is basically working with concrete materials outside in an uncontrolled environment, and puts our work at the mercy of the weather elements.

If you are concerned about how rain will effect your project and the potential delays that could be caused by rain be assured that although it may slow the process by just a day or two the work will resume as if nothing happened! 


how to build an inground swimming pool your pool builder of texas

Learn more about swimming pool construction >


How big of a pool can I install in my small backyard?

How much pool can fit into my small backyard?

This is a very common question that we are asked when a new client approaches us to build a custom gunite swimming pool. Usually, this question is asked by homeowners who have a small yard or think there might not be much room to install a swimming pool. So do not fear or worry if you have limited space available for a new pool installation because gunite pools come in all shapes and sizes! There re pools for even the smallest backyards, so let’s dive into it.

inground pool builders conroe, tx small backyard pools

Walk off the available space

Before even calling a pool builder out to evaluate your property dimensions to ensure that a pool will fit you will want to at least measure off a template of the space, and subtract the known easements and setback lines. Here are a few tools you will need to help figure this out:

  • Your property survey, from it’s original scale
  • A scaled drafting ruler with 1/30th scale measurements
  • Yard tape, tape measure, or walk-behind measuring wheel
  • Yard paint, or sprinkler flags, or wooden stakes (to mark set measurements)

swimming pool layout before construction begins

How to determine if your backyard will fit a pool

So, let’s help you start by getting a rough measurement of the total area the pool can be installed. Here is how you can turn your property survey into a rough guide to figure out the space you have available:

  • Step 1 – Find your property survey and make a copy for taking notes
  • Step 2 – Using a highlighter, highlight the left and right side easements as indicated on your survey
  • Step 3 – Using a highlighter, highlight the rear setback / easement line as indicated on your survey
  • Step 4 – Mark your setback / easement line as it is shown from the back fence, usually 8′ in most cases from the back fence towards the house, mark this line with paint, flags or a stake.
  • Step 5 – Measure from the edge of your home foundation 4ft out towards the back fence and place another stake, flag, or yard paint at the 4ft mark

scale property survey for swimming pool installation Now you can really get an idea of the space available from the very edge of your home foundation to the back fence / easement line. Next you will need to measure this distance between the 2 points you have set. Once you have this measurement you will need to subtract 2ft (the thickness of the gunite wall on either side of the pool).

Note: Pools should never be installed less than 4ft away from the home foundation. This could cause, depending on the depth of the pool, the pool structure to interfere with the 45 degree bearing slope of the foundation of your home. Not to mention if the pool were any closer there would be little room to safely walk between the house and the pool.

Note: Most projects will also need to take into consideration the surrounding decking as this can also take up some of the room available if the decking is not allowed to cross over the easement lines.

The total amount of swimming pool that can fit into your backyard will depend greatly on the restrictions set forth by your neighborhood deed restrictions and the utility easement lines. In many cases there is always enough room to build an average size pool your family can enjoy. If you are one who lives on a property that does not have such restrictions you may take advantage of the open plan, however you may not want to use up more than 2/3 of the available green space to install a pool and surrounding hardscape, leaving room for other aesthetically pleasing elements such as landscaping, dog runs, or playground equipment.


To help you in all of this, determining if a swimming pool will fit into your small backyard and in reference to the diagram above here is the link to a PDF swimming pool design layout worksheet that will help you get things sorted out and ready for the next step, swimming pool construction prices.


Examples of small backyard inground pools

Ourselves and other pool companies have squeezed custom pools into otherwise seemingly small backyard spaces with great success, just take a look at thesse great pools that are small yet packed full of features.

really nice swimming pool installed into small backyard

We hope this has helped to shed light on how much swimming pool can fit into your backyard pool project if you are planning to meet with pool builders in Texas. This was just a simple and effective way to roughly determine the available space you have. There is much more that goes into the calculation of size and the strategic planning involved in the layout of your specific pool design. If you need help figuring out what your exact property measurements are then we can help! To find out even more details about swimming pool construction and to better help plan your next pool project, be sure to check out our pool construction process page >

Does my location matter if I want to build a gunite pool?

You can install a gunite swimming pool in almost any location.

The versatility of design and ability to conform to any shape imaginable makes the gunite swimming pool construction method among the most popular choice for homeowners who have limited space, or challenging location requirements. With careful engineering and quality construction methods it does not matter the geographical area you live in, you can enjoy a strong, long lasting gunite pool. Here are some of the more challenging locations for swimming pool installations:

Inground Pools on Lake Conroe TX:

Swimming pools that are built on the lake can feature a few very unique customization that will add even more beauty and inspiration to the day and night. A home on the lake front will typically be elevated from the water level of the lake. This is required in case the lake should rise due to flash flooding or even 100 year flood levels, and so that the majority of the property passive water runoff will drain to the lake. So the elevation and grade will be of great consideration when establishing the proper level of the pool installation if you live on the lake. swimming pool construction on the lake Having a pool builder that is specifically experienced with your local lake body and authority will be of your top priority. There are usually locally set regulations as to the minimum and maximum elevations allowed for installing a swimming pool according to how close it may be to your bulkhead. Many questions come from our clients who built their pools on lake-front properties. One of the most popular we are asked is:

how close to my existing bulkhead can I put my pool?

That is always a very good question, and one that we would be asking the local lake authority even if our client did not ask us this question. The local lake authority will provide us with copies of your exact bulkhead layout as according to the files submitted when your bulkhead was installed. In very rare cases, the local lake authority may not have received legible or scaled drawings of the bulkhead location, shape, or supporting pylons. In this case we would work with you and a local bulkhead construction company to help locate the piers / pylons that support your bulkhead and make the proper adjustments to them as required per your pool design. We have designed and installed pools to perfectly fit around existing lake easements and bulkheads without compromising the integrity of the surrounding supports and drainage paths. From the more complicated implementations such as creating solid gunite bell bottom piers as stage 2 supports for your bulkhead, to simpler methods such as integrally interlocking the pool rebar into the home foundation we have the experience to build your pool on the lake.

Living on a hillside:

Did you know that a gunite pool can be installed with up to 3/4 of the height of the structure out of ground? The ability to raise a pool out of the ground on one side allows for some really interesting design customization options. You may find yourself naturally in this advantageous design position by living on a large hillside. In this case you should be most concerned with proper engineering of the footings or piers and the thickness of gunite at the pool bottom, especially on the down-slope side.

swimming pool contractors of lake conroe tx

Working with gunite allows for us to conform to engineering requirements for special installation situations and still achieve award winning designs. All swimming pools must be installed exactly level within millimeters of perfection. Water will always seek the most level and lowest point, and can easily show when it’s container is not exactly level. So, when installing a swimming pool upon a hillside, the pool structure will always be oriented exactly level and at some point may appear to rise out of the hillside on one side. The most notable details about pools that are built upon a hillside are:

  • Available tiered spillway / infinity edge effect into a lower catch basin
  • Ability to create lower landings / staging areas below the pool that are out of immediate line of sight

A pool in the woods

A very common question that we are asked is:

Do we have to remove any trees?

There are a few rules of thumb when it comes to answering this question. We would always like to take a close look at the site you intend on installing your pool to make a proper assessment for you to answer that question. However, keep in mind these few things when looking around your backyard to find the space you need for a pool in a heavily wooded area. removing trees to install swimming pool

Keeping in mind that removing trees is an additional expense to the pool project, but is not a deal breaking expense. The first step is to locate the general area you would like your pool installed and check the layout with a tape measure or yard tape. Just measure a space of 20ft x 40ft and see if there are any tree trunks in that space. If there are any trees within the 20 x 40 space they will more than likely need to be removed. The minimum distance of a tree trunk to the edge of a pool shell or decking structure should be no less than the distance of the furthest leaves away from the tree trunk. This will ensure that the roots may not begin to grow into the pool decking, piping

We hope this has helped you determine where (and not if) in your backyard you can install your new swimming pool! No matter if you live very close to the lake, or on a steep hillside you can still enjoy the ownership of a private swimming pool. If you live in the Montgomery, TX area, around Walden, Grand Harbor, Bentwater, or anywhere around the Lake Conroe TX area and you need a professional pool builder to check out your property to see if you are eligible for one of these great pool designs then let us know! For more details about the inground gunite swimming pool construction around Montgomery County, TX give us a call or send a quick email, we would love to answer your questions at no obligation.